martes, 3 de mayo de 2016

No triunfó el mal, pero casi.

This "good idea" may seem stupid, but it is convenient to remember it always and no matter what; do not ever let your very self open to everyone, because even people you supposedly trust may let every bit of that information slip to everyone else in form of a secret. This lovely advice I give to you, because I am your friend (or something).

 Everyone has opinions about many things, including how to handle this or if I'm even doing good about posting this here, but honestly I've had enough of that, both from people I really hold dear and unmentionables. 

So I'm back writing to you guys, you know, everything I can come up with. I hope to bring more content often, as always, I also hope I don't bore you to death, tell you about good things and stuff.  I really want it to be different from before. 

From the previous things here I saved like... 3 entries, I will try to put them back for your very own pleasure, and bring you lots of unsolicited tips, tell you about places I visit, nonsensical rants and all that stuff you (!?) like. Also, I would like to present you the most important news of this century, my Etsy Shop!!!! Visit me if you can, and feel free to buy anything you fancy :3

So, for now, I'm happy to inform you that my dear son Gandalf the cat is 2 years now, he's living a happy life and I'm really happy we've been able to take care of him. 

I've learned a bit about chemistry and dermatology, hoping to take better care of my skin.

I can barely speak Spanish, I hardly communicate in English, I put myself to ridicule in German, and make other people feel embarassed about my sole existence in French. Oh Lord what I was thinking!?

Now I must go, but the show will go on (very soon, hopefully). Thank you again for being here and reading all this, it is very much appreciated. You are worth your weight in diamonds my dear readers. 

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  1. I really miss you, I hope to see you soon. I'm happy about Gandalf's birthday, I remember when you was very worried about his health but is amazing to know you're the best mom for him.

  2. I really missed your blog, it makes me happy to read you again. Happy birthday to Gandalf too!! He looks so healthy and strong. I'm looking forward to read about what you have learnt and more tips! I've learnt so much from you.

    Best regards.

  3. You're back ;_; even if I Just notice it this makes my existence whole now, nowing you are sharing your life with us again makes me more keen to write something in my blog as well. Hope to read you a.s.a.p.
    Love you my dear quite very much.


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