viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2016

Del satán.

My dear friends. I am suspecting I was as extremely stupid as I could be and I lost a very dear friend. Of course I feel like shit. I promise something for the future like a post about ways to feel better when you are sad... because I really need that rn. I feel so guilty and bad. 

You see, I never talked with her, and I really had to. I couldn't, I was having too many overwhelming stupid anxious feelings and I was feeling super lonely and unsupported so I didn't wanted to bother her with my negativity. :(

So, tell me please, what do you do when you feel sad and lonely? I really want to read a little from you. I love you all and hope you're not like I am now. 

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  1. I … disconnect and try to sleep.

    I had a similar experience. While I was all anxious and bothered about talking to my friend about what I felt bothered her … she was anxious about telling me abouth other stuff which makes her anxious (which I happen to have experience about that too ). She … bottles up. And I do too. So it's still difficult to talk to each other but I don't wanna be clingy so I don't talk much either …
    …I hope she answers my messages before I scream on every social network how much I missbher (I don't wanna )

    Sigh. Hugs? (>•w•)>


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